Measure & Fitting

Measure & Fitting

Our experienced sales staff will help you choose
the right flooring at the right price for your needs

Fitting Service

We guarantee, both, your new flooring and the fitting – some carpet shops do not guarantee the fitting!
We believe the fitters we use are the best around – However if for any reason you are not happy with the quality of the fitting – we will not not rest until any issue has been sorted out to your total satisfaction.
We believe our customers want the retailer to be RESPONSIBLE for BOTH their new carpet or flooring AND the fitting
We deliver your carpet at NO CHARGE
Some retailers can charge up to £29 for delivery!
We believe this is an OUTRAGEOUS CHARGE!
We supply carpet gripper & door bars at ONLY £10 PER ROOM!
Some retailers can charge up to £40 for these accessories to an average size room
We believe this CHARGE is simply GREED!

Free Delivery and as well as a professional fitting service

At Crawley Carpet Warehouse, we insist on giving our customers the very best customer service from the moment you contact us right up to when you are relaxing with your newly fitted carpet, vinyl or laminate flooring. Once you have visited us we will arrange for one of our expert Estimators to come out to you and measure your rooms and of course advice you on the different types of carpet and flooring available and the suitability thereof. We can also advice you on the underlays and accessories to accompany your new flooring as well as show you a vast range of flooring samples. And finally we will give you an estimate your new flooring of which we are certain will be the very best price, like for like, that you will be able to achieve.

When you have chosen your new flooring we will deliver it to you and provide one of our experience fitters to install your new flooring.

We appreciate that after ordering your new carpet or flooring you still need it fitted totally to your satisfaction, that is why all of our carpet fitters are experienced professional fitters with many years working in the carpet fitting and they will install your carpet or flooring to the highest standard. Unlike some carpet retailers with Crawley Carpet Warehouse you are purchasing direct from us the carpet fitting service as well as the carpet or flooring. This means that we totally guarantee the flooring product and our carpet fitting service. After all, you have chosen the perfect look, shouldn’t it be fitted perfectly for you!

Delivery charge: many carpet stores, including Carpetright, charge their customer a delivery fee of upwards of £29 even when they are supplying and fitting the carpet. Meanwhile at Crawley Carpet Warehouse we do not make a delivery charge if we are supplying and fitting the flooring.

Carpet Accessories: At Crawley Carpet Warehouse we supply all carpet accessories for only £10 per room – what ever the size of the room – other carpet stores, including Carpetright  require the customer to pay £40 per room for all door bars and grippers to fit the carpet.

Underlay: At Crawley Carpet Warehouse we recommend new underlay when you have a new carpet installed. Old underlay is prone to crumble or collapse particularly in high traffic areas which may cause your new carpet to ridge or appear uneven. Old underlay also harbours dust and dirt which can seep through to the service, ruining the appearance of your new carpet. Other benefits of fitting a new underlay include sound proofing, insulation and most of all superior comfort.