Care Guide

Vinyl care guide

Here are some tips of how to keep your new vinyl floor looking great.

Keep your vinyl floor clear of spills. Promptly mop away any liquid that gets on the vinyl and wipe dry spills with a soft clean cloth.

Vinyl is hard wearing but you should still avoid sharp objects being in contact with your vinyl floor.

Clean your vinyl floor with a non-toxic cleaner or a no-rinse cleaning product.

Avoid placing mats with a rubber coated base on your vinyl floor. The rubber leaves marks on the vinyl that are hard to remove and can cause permanent damage.

Prevent exposure to direct sunlight. Excessive sunlight causes discoloration and undue expansion. Use drapes or blinds to keep the sunlight at a low level.

Abstain from walking with high heels on vinyl floors. High heels can indent the tile surface. Also avoid lighting matches and cigarettes near the floor to prevent scorch marks and burns.

Place plywood panels on the vinyl floor when you move furniture. This prevents the tiles from getting scratched.