Quickstep Laminate Majestic

Quickstep Laminate Majestic

Majestic (MJ)

Quickstep Laminate Majestic range brings you the longest, widest and most luxurious floors in the Quick-Step collection. It comes in 10 varieties, has a depth of 9.5mm and comes in long and wide planks with the most natural look and unique waterresistant technology, for a truly majestic look.

MJ3554 - Valley Oak Light Beige

Valley Oak Light Beige


MJ3550 - Desert Oak Light Natural

Desert Oak Light Natural


MJ3545 - Woodland Oak Beige

Woodland Oak Beige


MJ3546 - Woodland Oak Natural

Woodland Oak Natural


MJ3551 - Desert Oak Warm Natural

Desert Oak Warm Natural


MJ3555 - Valley Oak Light Brown

Valley Oak Light Brown


MJ3547 - Woodland Oak Light Grey

Woodland Oak Light Grey


MJ3552 - Desert Oak Brushed Grey

Desert Oak Brushed Grey


MJ3548 - Woodland Oak Brown

Woodland Oak Brown


MJ3553 - Desert Oak Brushed Dark Brown

Desert Oak Brushed Dark Brown


At Crawley Carpet Warehouse we have a wide range of Quickstep laminate flooring including the very popular new Magestic range.  Come and see us to view the ranges or call us for a quote.

Quickstep Majestic Woodland Oak Natural at Crawley Carpet Warehouse

Woodland Oak Natural

Quickstep Majestic Woodland Oak Light Grey at Crawley Carpet Warehouse MJ3547

Woodland Oak Light Grey

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