Care Guide

Laminate care guide

Crawley Carpet Warehouse has a superb range of laminate floors and once you have purchased your new laminate floor you will want to keep it looking at its very best. Our laminate floors are made to look good for many years and require very little maintenance, just follow these tips to continue to enjoy your floor for a long time.

Your floor should come with a set of care instructions and a warranty from the manufacturer. Carefully read and follow them and refer to them if necessary.

Never use wax or polish on your laminate, Most laminate has a pre-finished wear layer, which doesn’t need further treatment.

We recommend you do not wet mop your laminate, simply vacuum the floor then damp mop it.

Try to blot up any spills on your laminate floors as soon as they happen. Never allow liquids to stand on your floor.

Keep your pets nails trimmed to avoid unnecessary scratching.

Place protective pads under tables and chairs. A mat under furniture with coasters is a good idea as well.