Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

A range of Artificial Grass Carpet in seven types of grass options
depending on the size and quality of grass you require







Benefits of Artificial Grass
Green All
Year Round
Our synthetic Artificial Grass provides you with an all year round lush looking green grass, just like a real lawnThis artificial grass is undisturbed by the harsh British weather and retains its rich colour throughout the seasons

Our artificial grass is available in both 2m and 4m widths and applications include:

  • Gardens
  • Balconies
  • Verandas & Patios
  • Swimming pool borders
  • Caravans & Mobile homes
  • Yachts & Pleasure boats


Self-installation is relatively simple even if you dont have basic landscaping or gardening skills and don’t mind a little work.


Artificial grass or fake grass is fast becoming an alternative choice to real grass. The artificial grass provides you with an all year round lush looking green grass. The new synthetic artificial grass we offer t Crawley Carpet Warehouse is just like a real lawn and feels very similar to a naturally grown lawn. It is perfect for use in the home and garden as well as caravan parks, nursing and retirement homes, restaurants and anywhere else you need an easy to maintain lawn without effort.

Our Artificial grass is a quality artificial grass that is practical and is completely undisturbed by whatever the harsh British weather may throw at it over the years. The fake grass retains its rich colour all year round and year after year and is made from the quality artificial fibres which are extensively tested under extreme conditions so at Crawley Carpet Warehouse can always supply you with the ultimate hard wearing and easy to maintain artificial lawn.

All of our artificial grasses or fake grass has been developed to give you the ultimate feel and look of the perfect lawn. We can promise to give you an all year round lush green grass effect that will keep you neighbours wondering how you do it.

It is amazing how much space becomes available when the surface is level, smooth and soft our artificial grass is the perfect solution for a back garden ready for you to enjoy all year round with friends and family.  Even the pets will appreciate the texture of a fake lawn… and share in the fun.

Back gardens are one of the most popular uses of artificial grass because they often get most of the footfall – kids playing games, parties, and pets running about.  Having a reliable, low-maintenance artificial grass surface that always looks as good as grass, makes your back garden a little bit more special. You may also apply fake grass to your front garden.

Transforming your garden with Artificial Grass otherwise known as Astroturf Artificial Grass really is a great way to clean up the back garden and create an idyllic living space.

Front gardens can tend to be a real pain to keep on top of, these areas can often be very small and very awkward to access and maintain. With artificial grass you can totally transform them into a perfect manicured lawn effect enhancing the look of the front of your property.

Artificial Grass is perfect to roll out on top of an old run down patio. Astroturf really does have hundreds of uses and can cover up the area outside you really do not want people to see. Artificial Grass otherwise known as Synthetic Grass can be glued to any hard surface, leaving you with your dream Artificial Grass lawn.