Bathroom Carpet

Bathroom Carpet

A supurb range of bathroom carpet that
is soft luxuriously thick and washable


Clotted Cream


Fantasy Rose

Candy Floss

Creme de Menthe

Spring Meadow

Moonlight Shadow

Silver Streak

Jet Black
Soft & luxurious underfoot

This twist pile bathroom carpet is ideal for any bathroom and comes in a choice of 16 colours

This carpet has a deep and soft pile and is perfect for climbing out of the bath onto

In 2m widths
Stainproof and bleach cleanable
Waterproof waffle gel backing
Machine washable

Why have bathroom carpet?

Warmth is rated as the number one advantage of having bathroom carpets. As our bathroom carpet is specifically made for the bathroom, it will prevent you from slipping on a slippery floor underfoot. Finally, bathroom carpet will remain odourless even if wet, unlike carpets that are not designed for the bathroom.

Deep Blue Azure

Exotic Peacock


Vanilla Fudge

Caramel Crunch

Choc Chip


Bathroom Carpet

At Crawley Carpet Warehouse we offer two superb ranges of bathroom carpet Barbados and Carousel; the Barbados bathroom carpet is available in a choice of sixteen colours; Ivory, Clotted Cream, Beige, Fantasy Rose, Candy Floss, Crème de Menthe, Spring Meadow, Moonlight Shadow, Silver Streak, Jet Black, Deep Blue Azure, Exotic Peacock, Kingfisher, Vanilla Fudge, Caramel Crunch & Choc Chip. The Carousel bathroom carpet comes in a choice of eight colours; 12 Misty Rose, 13 Coral, 40 Emerald, 72 Wheat, 74 Silver, 80 Turquoise, 82 Denim, 90 Corn.

A proper bathroom carpet is often the most overlooked bathroom necessity. A true bathroom carpet will have a waterproof gel backing and be stain proof and bleach cleanable. Our Carousel and Barbados bathroom carpets are both the real thing. Carpets are the most effective and inexpensive way to give your dull, mundane bathroom a refurbished and chic look. Here are a few pointers to choose the perfect bathroom carpet.

Most people tend to use white or beige for their bathroom both our range of Barbados and Carousel come in white and beige as well as numerous other exciting colours. The colour of the carpet must complement or contrast the colour of the bathroom wall in order to give your bathroom a perfect finish.

In addition, an important thing to remember is that light colours exhibit more dirt, so choose your carpet colour depending on the number of people using the bathroom. However, colours, which are too dark, tend to make the bathroom look smaller than it actually is.

The right bathroom carpet can give your bathroom a brand new feel and bear testimony to your personal aesthetic style.

Warmth must rate as number one in terms of obvious pros for a bathroom carpet. After all it’s bad enough to get out of bed and have to trundle through to the bathroom over a cold floor (although you could give slippers a try); but to have a lovely hot, steamy bath and THEN get out onto a cold floor is another story. Both our carpets Barbados and Carousel carpets are warm with a nice thick pile.

Another pro is that our carpets specially made for the bathroom will prevent you from slipping on what can quickly become a slippery floor underfoot – provided, of course it has a non-slip backing.

Other pros are that a bathroom carpet in a bathroom will also stay odourless even if wet and it will therefore protect you against bad smalls that might emanate from a carpet not intended for use in a damp environment, such as a bathroom. It should also protect you against bacteria (which can easily make you sick) that forms so easily in a damp, warm environment.