Pinstripe Tile Carpet Tiles

Pinstripe Carpet Tiles

Pinstripe Tile

The Pinstripe Tile carpet tile range comes in a variety of colours. It is a loop pile tile and is 50% Solution Dyed Nylon 50% Space Dyed Nylon and comes in 50cm x 50cm square tiles.

JHS Pinstripe tile Camel

Camel 139

JHS Pinstripe tile Slate

Slate 995

JHS Pinstripe tile Silverbirch

Silverbirch 981

JHS Pinstripe tile SmokedAsh

Smoked Ash 956

JHS Pinstripe tile SoftMink

Soft Mink 849

JHS Pinstripe tile AirForceBlue

Air Force Blue 562



If you are looking for triumph cut pile carpet tiles for the home, office or workplace we can help you find what you want.