Rimini Carpet Tiles

Rimini Carpet Tiles


The Rimini carpet tile range comes in a variety of colours. It is a loop pile tile and is 100% Polypropylene and comes in 50cm x 50cm square tiles.

JHS Rimini Red

Red 110

JHS Rimini Mustard

Mustard 111

JHS Rimini Light Grey

Light Grey 106

JHS Rimini Light Blue

Light Blue 108

JHS Rimini Green

Green 103

JHS Rimini Electric Blue

Electric Blue 107

JHS Rimini Dark Grey

Dark Grey 101

Rimini Dark Green

Dark Green 105

JHS Rimini Dark Blue

Dark Blue 102

JHS Rimini Charcoal

Charcoal 113

JHS Rimini Blue

Blue 1091

JHS Rimini Silver

Silver 104

JHS Rimini Rust

Rust 114



If you are looking for very popular Rimini carpet tiles for the home, office or workplace we can help you find what you want.