Triumph Cut Pile Carpet Tiles

Triumph Cut Pile Carpet Tiles

Triumph Cut Pile

The Triumph Cut Pile carpet tile range comes in a variety of colours. It is a cut pile tile and is 100% Polyamide and comes in 50cm x 50cm square tiles.

JHS Smoke Triumph_Cut_Pile

Smoke 702

JHS Chilli Triumph_Cut_Pile

Chilli 701

JHS Sky Triumph_Cut_Pile

Sky 708

JHS Blue Triumph_Cut_Pile

Blue 707

JHS Sapphire Triumph_Cut_Pile

Sapphire 706

JHS Green Triumph_Cut_Pile

Green 705

JHS Brown Triumph_Cut_Pile

Brown 704

JHS Slate Triumph_Cut_Pile

Slate 703



If you are looking for triumph cut pile carpet tiles for the home, office or workplace we can help you find what you want.