Triumph Loop Carpet Tiles

Triumph Loop Carpet Tiles

Triumph Loop

The Triumph Loop carpet tile range comes in a large variety of colours. It is a loop pile tile and is 100% solution dyed nylon and comes in 50cm x 50cm square tiles.

JHS Scarlet

Scarlet 590

JHS Red Triumph_Loop

Red 619

JHS Onyx Triumph Loop

Onyx 999

JHS Oak Brown Triumph_Loop

Oak Brown 613

JHS Moss Triumph_Loop

Moss 614

JHS Mauve Triumph_Loop

Mauve 880

JHS Lovat Green Triumph_Loop

Lovat Green 611

JHS Lime Triumph_Loop

Lime 621

JHS Lilac Triumph_Loop

Lilac 622

JHS Latte Triumph_Loop

Latte 670

JHS Grey Smoke Triumph_Loop

Grey Smoke 607

JHS Grey Slate Triumph_Loop

Grey Slate 605

JHS Green Triumph_Loop

Green 617

JHS Ebony Triumph_Loop

Ebony 990

JHS Dark Tan Triumph_Loop

Dark Tan 785

JHS Coal Triumph_Loop

Coal 968

JHS Chocolate Triumph_Loop

Chocolate 612

JHS Chilli Pepper Triumph_Loop

Chilli Pepper 608

JHS Blue Sky Triumph_Loop

Blue Sky 603

JHS Blue Sapphire Triumph_Loop

Blue Sapphire 601

JHS Blue Moon Triumph_Loop

Blue Moon 620

JHS Blue Lake Triumph_Loop

Blue Lake 606

JHS Blue Ice Triumph_Loop

Blue Ice 604

JHS Blue Haze Triumph_Loop

Blue Haze 602a

JHS Black Triumph_Loop

Black 616

JHS Berry Triumph_Loop

Berry 618

JHS Anthracite Triumph_Loop

Anthracite 615

JHS Titan Triumph_Loop

Titan 928

JHS Spice Brown Triumph_Loop

Spice Brown 609


If you are looking for triumph loop carpet tiles for the home, office or workplace we can help you find what you want.


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