Ibrido Icona Collection

Ibrido Flooring at Crawley Carpet Warehouse

Ibrido Icona Collection

We have the Ibrido Icona Plank Collection at Crawley Carpet Warehouse. The inspiration for Icona originated from nature itself, drawing from the natural characteristics found within wood.

Concentrating on detailed knots and texture with our high end registered embossed finish, along with colour variations that create a truly authentic product to upscale any style of interior. Complex new shades of greys and browns, will keep designs fresh and on-trend.

The palette has been crafted to work with any décor be it coastal chic, rustic, or urban minimalist. Versatility is key to the Icona Plank collection giving you the ability to create something unique and bespoke.

Flooring flows between the spaces in your home connecting everything within. As well as being functional it is important that floors today work hard to improve your well-being.

Through integrated acoustics, inspired colours and textures our SPC Rigid Core LVT Floors can help to create a comfortable, serene environment away from all the stresses of the world outside your home.

The Icona Plank Collection

 Ibrido 10021C Coastal Grey at Crawley Carpet Warehouse

Coastal Grey

 Ibrido 10031C Sandstorm White at Crawley Carpet Warehouse

Sandstorm White

 Ibrido 10041C Portland Grey at Crawley Carpet Warehouse

Portland Grey


 Ibrido 10051C Vintage Oak at Crawley Carpet Warehouse

Vintage Oak

 Ibrido 10061C Sunbleached Oak at Crawley Carpet Warehouse

Sunbleached Oak

 Ibrido 10071C Boardwalk Oak at Crawley Carpet Warehouse

Boardwalk Oak

 Ibrido 110081C Torched Driftwood at Crawley Carpet Warehouse

Torched Driftwood

 Ibrido 10091C Smoked Oak at Crawley Carpet Warehouse

Smoked Oak


Crawley Carpet Warehouse offers the Ibrido Icona Plank collection. Simply choose a colour, shape and laying pattern and look forward to years of beautiful flooring.

If you would like advice on purchasing Ibrido Floors, call us or see our L.V.T buy guide and our L.V.T care guide for how to care for your new floor.

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