Ibrido Moda Herringbone Collection

Ibrido Flooring at Crawley Carpet Warehouse

Ibrido Moda Herringbone Collection

We have the Ibrido Moda Herringbone Collection at Crawley Carpet Warehouse. A cost-effective solution for those seeking an iconic yet understated Herringbone floor.

Echoing the Moda Plank palette of woodland and Scandinavian landscapes, Moda Herringbone is animated with beautiful, and naturally occurring, colour and grain.

The Moda Herringbone Collection has the added advantage of being registered embossed, making it a high spec, rigid core SPC, at a very economical price.

Herringbone floors carry opulent kudos to any room and have been heralded into the limelight by design-led spaces. The Moda Herringbone Collection is exquisitely subtle giving an updated and on trend vibe to this timeless classic.

Please note on ordering from the Herringbone Collection an equal number of Pack A and Pack B need to be purchased in order to formulate the Herringbone pattern correctly (an even number of packs will need to be ordered).

The Moda Herringbone Collection

 Ibrido 3001HM Quayside Umber at Crawley Carpet Warehouse

Quayside Umber

 Ibrido 3002HM Imperial Grey at Crawley Carpet Warehouse

Imperial Grey

 Ibrido 3003HM Luna Grey at Crawley Carpet Warehouse

Luna Grey


 Ibrido 3004HM Arctic Silver at Crawley Carpet Warehouse

Artic Silver


Crawley Carpet Warehouse offers the Ibrido Moda Herringbone collection. Simply choose a colour, shape and laying pattern and look forward to years of beautiful flooring.

If you would like advice on purchasing Ibrido Floors, call us or see our L.V.T buy guide and our L.V.T care guide for how to care for your new floor.

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